Character Creation

The campaign will start in a village in the South-West of Darkon, not far from the Falkovnian border. The village subsides mainly on farming, arable and livestock. It’s a small village, with 200 inhabitants, mostly human, with halflings being the second most common race.

Your characters will start as children and, to begin with, will only have their basic ranged and melee attacks, along with one of their At-Will class abilities as an Encounter power and their Encounter power as a Daily power. They will be between 10 and 14 years old, depending on power-source.

The first session will be a prologue, setting up the reasons why your characters are going to become adventurers. At the end of the prologue (not necessarily end of the session), your characters will be taken away to learn their trade. For this, come up with your background as you normally would, and I’ll tell you were the best place in the setting for you to have been taught is.

Remember, Ravenloft is a setting that draws on the classic gothic literature, Dracula, Frankenstien, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Castle of Otranto, so try and have your character’s background in keeping with the genre.

You will then be brought together again and the campaign proper will start.

Character Creation

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