A Tune To Dance To

Sleeping Dogs Lie.

These are notes for when I’m more awake.

  • Brought into the house by the servants entrance, into the kitchen.,
  • Branimir charms the cook into not turfing us out, and letting the grounds keeper off.
  • We get lunch, it doesn’t seem to be lunch, or people.
  • We learn the master of the house goes off into the moor every morning.
  • We learn that he hasn’t aged in at lease 80 years, nosferatu?
  • we learn he’s up and about during the day, and is working in his study, probably not vampyre then.
  • There is a maid, she is young and skittish.
  • There is a butler, he is a harsh taskmaster.
  • We are taken to see his Lordship, he seems to be human and alive. He is the groom however.
  • We convince him of our intentions and he decides to show us something about the hounds at midnight.
  • Alain distracts him while Red and myself case the room.
  • Red spots a plaque over the mantle, which reads “curse transcript goes here”.
  • Yep, he’s tied up in the hounds, which are part of a curse.
  • We rest until midnight.
  • we are summoned to the ballroom, the maid is nervous, the lord is about to show us the hounds.
  • The hounds are ghostly and chase the apparition of what is probably the bride.
  • They are followed by the ‘ghost’ of the groom.
  • He asks us to put the bride to rest.
  • We press him for more information, he provides us with a map he claims to have drawn at the time.
  • Alain steals the book on ghost he saw in the lord’s study, the very one from when we where children.
  • We depart onto the moor.
  • we are guided across the moor by Red’s spirits, including one who come unbidden, Red says this is the lord of death.
  • we find the clearing marked on the map, the bride is there.
  • she says that the groom chased her here and watched her die.
  • she wants him brought to the clearing to resolve the curse.
  • the curse manifests as a black hound which lead the pack to its own savage goals.
  • we return to the house and convince the staff not to interfere in us taking their lord onto the moor, even against his will.



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